Family Business Process

Conceptually this piece is very straight forward.  The article was about leading your family business out of the storm, looking ahead, and making it out of the economic situation we’re in.  There was a number of nautical terms used in the article so I was asked to go that direction with it.

Here is the process I used to make this… I work on layers of mylar exactly as you do for making screen prints (which I intend to get back to shortly…. BAM)  anyway these are the 3 layers I drew and then they were taken into the computer and photoshopped together.

Finally here are a few of the sketches that started it all off (I would really have loved to do Napoleon leading the family of ducks.. I know it’s a little out there, but it just would have been a blast, oh well)

2 responses to “Family Business Process

  1. Pat, I LOVE seeing each of the steps, I’m not sure you’ve ever given us that before! I believe everything we saw was final and you verbally told us how you got there.

    Keep up the blog, it’s nice to follow what’s going on in your life 🙂

  2. Pat – just found ur blog through facebook. Love it!
    And fyi I totally love Napoleon leading the ducks. I’d definitely hang that on my wall!

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