I was recently asked by  folks at shirthack.com to do a Star Wars t-shirt design for them, they are a new company and they will be launching hopefully later this week.  Needless to say I was really excited, who doesn’t want to do a Star Wars drawing? Seriously, there is probably something wrong with you if you don’t want to.  Anyway, they asked me to do something with Darth Vader, which sounded pretty good to me, but the problem was that as I started brainstorming all the ideas I came up with would make nice prints and be a blast to make, but would not be something that I would ever wear on a shirt.  So the challenge became, what kind of Star Wars shirt would I actually wear?  In the end it turned out I wanted something subtle and here it is.

There is also a chance that my Coffee Break image that I did for the 3G show may end up on a shirt as well, but still working on how to turn it into a shirt design.  I will post something again as soon as they are available for purchase, in the mean time hold your horses.

Have a good one


2 responses to “T-shirts

  1. this is brilliant. I have the highest respect for an illustrator that can depict anything related to the greatest movie ever made. Put me down for a medium shirt.
    love your work, especially “I hear sunshine”.

  2. I came across the Ghostbusters image completely by accident. Absolutely love both these images. They both come at the films a very unique observed human viewpoint, that wasn’t present in the original films.

    I’d especially love a larger print of the Ghostbuster’s image if possible. It looks like a Dan Akroyd busted up a Toulouse Lautrec scene.

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