The Princess Bride

I don’t normally post just pencil,s but I’m going to in this case because I am not thrilled with how the finishes came out so I am actually going to rework them.  That said, I am really excited about this anyway.  They are for Gallery1988’s Crazy 4 Cult show that goes up in a few days.  They asked me to choose a movie from a list they provided and do work inspired by it.  When it came down to it there was really no choice, this was one of my absolute favorite movies growing up so it was very exciting to come up with something.

They go tother as one piece and though the order is not the same as how it happened in the movie I am taking a small liberty in order to enhance the piece, I hope you will agree it was worth it.  I will post the new finishes later, but in the mean time enjoy these.  The three terrors of the fire swamp!

Have a good one

2 responses to “The Princess Bride

  1. I love these!

  2. Where’d she go? I guess I’ll have to watch the movie.

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