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Moving to Tumblr

Moving to Tumblr

This is going to be my last post on this blog, from now on I will post everything over at

This image was for the Chronicle of Higher Education with the great Ellen Winkler. It was for a piece about a man looking back on his life and career as he reached retirement… it seemed appropriate for the last post here.


These three pieces are for a friend of mine who’s family makes a strobe light sort of thing that you put in your attic to drive off rodents that live in there… much better than setting traps or poison or something.  I think I’d like to draw animals for every job if I could.

Have a good one!

raccoons  rats3 squirrels

Wired Word Bubbles

This is in the current issue of Wired.  I like how it turned out and it’s also pretty cool when you see it on the iPad version because they animated the word bubbles to pop up nicely.


Wall St. Journal




This piece was in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal.  I don’t normally show my sketches here but I thought I’d show how this one happened for a change.  They sort of had to reel me in a few times with this one, I had one with boats and fish, airplanes getting their wings sawed off and all kinds of stuff.  I also did this one with the little Napoleon and the big horse, then after going through a few other more business like ideas with bookshelves and quicksand and whatnot we came back to the stools, this time with the big chair and desk.  I  wasn’t able to pick up a copy of the paper but this is part of the pdf they gave me of how it came together.

Have a good one!



During all the hurricane fun I did this piece for Adirondack Life.  It is a full page piece for an excerpt out of Joe Connelly’s new book.  Originally they hired me because they wanted a montage or comic book like page with many people getting the signal that there was an accident in the woods and heading out the door to help.  So it was a bit unexpected that we went this direction with it, but I’m thrilled we did.

(You might have to click on the image to see it properly)

Investment Advisor

Hey folks,

This is a series of images about stress in relation to clients and the workplace and whatnot for Investment Advisor magazine.



Hooray for Obama again!!

I have been super busy lately and have gotten woefully behind in my blogging, I’ll try to fix that… This is another spread for Backcountry magazine with ad Mike Lorenz, it’s just a mockup but you get the idea of how it will look in print.  I’ve really been enjoying working on these lately and playing with so much snow texture.

Have a good one!