Like what we did with Amelia Earhart a few weeks back, my chums Erin and Joe decided we should draw Geronimo this time.  You can see theirs on their blogs… Erin, Joe

More skiing

Another spread for Backcountry Magazine.  It’s been interesting working on all these, dealing with lots of snow and page layout jazz.  This is a  screenshot from my photoshop file so you can see roughly how it comes together.  Also there is closeup so you can actually see whats going on in there.

Cool Mamma

I did this piece recently for and essay in Backcountry Magazine.  I didn’t have to make up much of anything to make this awesome, they really brought their kids up on the mountain and obviously the kid got hungry.


and if you want to get a better look up in her business…

Ghost Campus



Audiobooks are the jam!.. and this is for an article about a man discovering them while at the gym.


Last week I did this guy for Backcountry magazine, not a lot to explain about it really…. I like the trees.

Have a good one!

A Little Milk