I recently did this piece for McSweeney’s Grantland Quarterly.  It’s a very nice, kinda uplifting  article and I recommend you give it a read through here if you have a few minutes.  It’s always very interesting working with them because you can only use one spot color with black and white, kinda a fun challenge to figure out.

Have a good one!

Vespa and Race Car

I did both of these for the Chronicle of Higher Education last week and I had a blast with them!  The race car was for an article about how many schools are behind the times and are failing to help students get jobs after graduating… you thought you were all ready, but you aren’t going anywhere.  The vespa was a bit of a strange one, it was an article about writing students struggling to come up with stories that are stranger than the things we hear about happening in real life.


and a detail just for kicks..


I’ve been having a lot of fun lately with recent jobs.  This was for US Catholic Magazine, I’ll admit I was a little surprised.  It is for an article making comparisons between the economic down turn and the current popularity of zombie movies.

Welcome to Sketchbook Time


Comics… again

Well I didn’t post any of the Revolutionary War stuff I did recently, so here it is.  I had a great time with these graphic novels and I think I’m going to pursue doing more in the future, but for now it’s back to editorial work  for a bit.  Oh, also keep on the lookout for some screen prints in the near future.  You heard me, I’m screen printing again bitches!

Sorry I called you all bitches.  Have a good one!


mini rhino

I did a quick personal piece today.  Because why not, that’s why.

Have a good one!


I did a personal piece for the first time in FOREVER… and it was a blast.